Women Shoes/Sandals – Types & Styles

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You might have come across instances when you see a pair of shoe at the store and you want to tell someone about it, but you don’t know what name that shoe has. Considering this Sam’s Shop has researched the internet to gather the relevant information on the types of shoe that you come across in your daily lives which means now you would have a clear idea in mind about what name a shoe has whenever you see one!



Gladiator sandals for women

Gladiators are flat sandals that has a flat sole and have a body made of straps that are super flat. These usually go as high as the ankles to give them a good grip. Gladiator sandals are really comfortable for summers and are easy to wear because of their light weight. Greece is the place where they first originated and were used for fighting in the arenas as well. Surely, women would love to have something that has a history behind it.



Ballerinas Shoes

Ballerina shoes for women

Ballerinas are extremely flat shoes as well that are pretty much flexible and easy to wear. These have a slight rounded up front with a higher raise at the ankle to give them a good feet grip. Ballerina shoes are an inspiration for the belly dancers as they could easily curve their feet into the ballerinas into various dance moves and even could stand on toes when needed. So high flexibility and comfort are some amazing features for this shoe.




Moccasin Shoes


Moccasin shoes for womenThese are also flat and super soft shoes that are made out of brushed leather. Embroidered on the front, these shoes exhibit a look unlike that of others which make them look different and yet attractive. Moccasin shoes do not make any noise while walking.  These were originated by the red skin tribes in America ( the red Indians) but have made their place in the fashion trends these days.




loafer shoes for womenThese are a bit like moccasins with the differences that they are a bit higher at the ankle, have a comparatively higher and harder but comfortable sole and are not necessarily made of leather. There are dozens of Loafers collection within luxury shoe brands and these are quite gender neutral as well which means that both the men and women can wear it.




Mary janes

mary janes shoes for womenThese are perfect dancing shoes with an elegant shiny texture having a stripe above so that you don’t lose it off your foot. These shoes come in various soles ranging from extremely flat to extremely high heels as per the fashion taste of different women. These can be worn with long socks and skirts. Mary janes come in original and artificial leathers too and are preferred by many women all over the globe.





Mule shoes for womenThese are more like slippers and have a widened upper to grip the foot firmly. These were used as a footwear under pajamas but now these come in very luxurious kinds with high and low heels too to match the women preferences and fashion trends.



Slingback Shoes

Slingbacks shoes for womenSlingbacks hold the heels with a strip made of some elastic or belts so one could easily slip it over the heel for the foot grip. These usually have a flat sole but you might find these in the heels category as well.




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