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Women Jeans are an important part of a women wardrobe and yet a comfortable material to wear. Here at a glance you can choose the jeans that best fits your style and body. These are some really top styles that women would prefer to wear.


Straight Fit Women Jeans

 Straight women jeans



The straight fit jeans as defined by the name, has the same width all starting from the waist to the ankles. Although there is just a slight difference in the width at the thighs and the width at the ankle to keep it natural considering the difference in volume of the thigh and the knee.

Straight leg jeans works well for almost all body types, but particularly for:

  • Short women to create an illusion of longer legs.
  • Boots worn under the jeans.

Straight jeans are ever trending. One can never expect the straight jeans to get outdated in the near future.




Skinny Women Jeans

skinny women jeans



The answer for the misconception about skinny jeans being the same as the straight fits is that a skinny jean narrows from thigh to ankle to fit the leg closely all the way down. Again as the name defines, the skinny jeans has been made to fit the natural shape of the legs.

It would be a good idea to wear a skinny jeans for:

  • Tall women with a ripped leg muscles.
  • Sneakers worn under it.
  • Skinny T-Shirts worn over it.





Boot-cut Women Jeans

boot-cut women jeans



With this style, the upper leg is the same as the straight fit jeans fit comfortably from thigh to knee but then widens again slightly from knee to hem. It could be folded at the ankles to give a look, almost of a straight jeans.

Boot-cut jeans work specifically well for:

  • Top-heavy women, because the extra width at the bottom helps to balance out volume at the top.
  • Bottom-heavy women, because the wider hemline hides the extreme difference between the span of the hips and the thick ankles.
  • Tall women or women with long legs.
  • A variety of shoes and sandals.




Trouser Women Jeans

trouser women jeans



Trouser jeans has a simple shape of a trouser yet being a jeans. This type of jeans has the same width from the thighs all along to the ankles and hem. It has its own comforts associated with easy sitting, working and even you can sleep easily wearing it if you are too lazy to change clothes.Trouser jeans fit well to almost all kinds of physique. Let it be a tall or a short women, heavy or slim, you would always feel the ease of wearing it.

However, it could get too baggy to wear if you do not know what width of this jeans would suit you the best.






Capri Women Jeans

capri women jeans





Capri jeans is a stylish jeans and is a good choice for pretty and fair legs to flaunt. Folding it exactly below the calf is the best you can do while wearing it. It is a perfect apparel for young girls who follow the latest fashion trends keeping themselves well updated with the latest fashions.





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